Team Subtle Crowbar
Land Speed Records

1000cc  SCTA-BNI  Certified


9/09 MPS-PG 169.95   mph
9/09 M-PG 157.98   mph
9/08 APS-PG 170.856 mph
9/08 A-PG 150.908 mph

El Mirage:

6/08 APS-PG 161.048 mph


MPS-PG: Modified Partial Streamlining Pushrod Gas
M-PG: Modified Pushrod Gas
APS-PG: Altered Partial Streamlining Pushrod Gas
A-PG: Altered Pushrod Gas

2009 - Team Subtle Crowbar Sets New Land Speed Record AGAIN!...Check It Out!

2008 -Team Subtle Crowbar Sets Land Speed Record!
Read about it and check videos/pics Here!



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