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Iím Mark Seibert, retired from the Fire Service after 31 years of squirting the wet stuff on the red stuff.  Note the five year old beard - although it is about two years old in the picture.

Mark Seibert - Team Subtle Crowbar

Iíve been a life-long British bike enthusiast, but have also owned other makes, Spanish, Japanese, etc.  My main bike interest are AJS/=Matchless= and Norton machines.   Iíve lived in Carlsbad, CA for over 29 years Ė in a house we built ourselves - and have a small part-time business re-building Lucas and BTH magnetos.  I have a small machine shop and that helps a lot.  I could adequately be described as a ďmachine headĒ, as I like working on bikes as much as riding them.  Iíve known Bill for almost as long as Iíve lived here and Iíll be helping him in whatever way is needed on the salt.  I hope to see some exotic machines and meet some equally exotic people.

I donít tan wellÖÖ.




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