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Hi, I'm Tony Statz... 

I live in South Texas with 20+ motorcycles. I'm finally retired, twice. I retired from the San Antonio Fire Department with 34 years. I retired from the Air Force Reserve with 38 years.

In the Air Force I was a Flight Engineer on C-130's with 3000 hrs of flying time. I was also a Flight Engineer on C-5 Galaxies and have over 7000 hrs of flying time. There are only 8760 hrs in a year. I've spent a lot of time in the air! I've seen a lot of the Earth, The Western U.S. is the best part.

I prefer motorcycles. I think about them all of the time. When I sleep, I dream about them. When I ride them, I ride 25K to 30K a year. I like all motorcycles, I always have and can't explain it.  

I really LIKE Moto-Guzzis. I'll continue to help Bill any way I can. 

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail at

See you on the Salt !   





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