El Mirage - May 2008

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Check out the El Mirage run of May 2008
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Taking the Meteor thru Tech Inspection Friday afternoon. Everything was cool except they wanted us to make a seat so we were not getting lost from view while seated on the bike `must be fully visible….`

Friend Eric Anderson and Bill pushing the Guzzi to the front of the line.

Final check over before a pass down the 1.3 mile baked mud course.

Hell, it can’t be more than 110 degrees!

Launching off the line, first run ever on the Mandello Meteor!

It doesn't get much better than this!

3rd shakedown run of 157.95 mph near the finish line.

Good long time friend Don Angel and his Snorton Norton !

Bro-N-Law Bill Duree checks the fit of the freshly duct taped seat.

Good friend, Induction Specialist Phil, left, chats with Don Angel.

The Good Wife Mani and I take a last putt before heading home...



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